Education and Training

The Baldwin Global Academy TM is a premier risk governance and management education service that delivers high-quality educational experiences. Our course content stems from proven academic research ingeniously blended with real-world street-smart practicality. 

The Baldwin Global e-Library supplements its education services with unique step-by-step how-to tools and services that ensure turnkey solutions and immediate traction when rolling out risk management programs.

The Baldwin Global Academy offers group- or one-on-one learning and coaching experiences, be it on site within your organization or conducted remotely via our unique virtual educational capabilities. Follow-up coaching is available even when you have left the classroom. Baldwin Global is there to assist you with complementary education and advice throughout your ensuing development and implementation process.

The Baldwin Global Academy curriculum covers all aspects of risk management, including for example courses on:

  • Introduction to Enterprise Risk Management – 1 day
  • Introduction to Enterprise Risk Management – 2 days
  • Intermediary Enterprise Risk Management – 2 days
  • Risk Appetite: Write Quantititative Statements that Inform Decision-Making - 1 day
  • Introduction to Business Continuity Plans – 1 day
  • Developing Business Continuity Plans – 2 days
  • How to build a successful Risk Management Framework – 1 day
  • How to build a successful Risk Management Framework and Culture – 2 days
  • Introduction to Project Risk Management – 1 day
  • Project Risk Management and Quantitative Risk Analysis -2 days


More detailed information on these courses can be found in our brochure, which can be downloaded from our website by typing in "training brochure" in our search engine.

Our training program is available internationally upon demand and in many countries, as detailed in the calendar below.

All courses are available for in-house training as well as being fully customizable.

Should you wish to discuss how we can help you and provide service to your organization, please click on Contact Us.

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How We Work

We offer the full spectrum of ERM and key risk management consulting services.


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