Adding Value Through Risk Governance and Management

Baldwin Global is an exclusive group of experienced executives and professionals specializing in risk governance and enterprise risk management internationally. 

Baldwin Global was formed in response to the ever-growing market demand for high quality independent risk management professionals and educators. We have the unique ability and dexterity to create “risk management dream teams” that suit client objectives and resources.

Our executives and professionals pride themselves on continually developing, applying and coaching the latest risk management concepts in practical ways. Baldwin Global clients appreciate our internationally recognized expertise and award-winning experience, personalized service, adaptability, and availability.  

Baldwin Global’s exclusive approach to advisory services warrants that clients will receive advisory and training services that are both deep and broad, as well as rich with senior level experience with proven track records. As a result, Baldwin Global clients get the very best-in-class risk management services every time. 

Should you wish to discuss how we can help you and provide service to your organization, please go to our top menu and click on Contact Us.

A practical and efficient method based on leading expertise and years of experience.

How We Work

We offer the full spectrum of ERM and key risk management consulting services.


Toronto Office
18 King Street East
Suite 1400
Toronto, Ontario, M5C 1C4
+1 416 214 7596

Montreal Office
1250 René Lévesque Boulevard West
Suite 2200
Montreal (Quebec) H3B 4W8
+1 514 889 5003

Edinburgh Office
21 Young Street
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 131 344 4626

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