ERM Maturity and Benchmark

Your organization may already be developing or have a risk governance framework or enterprise risk management (ERM) program. Would you like to know whether you are on the right track, have the right program, or how you compare to your peers or best practice? Baldwin Global can help you. We have the internationally recognized knowledge and experience to assess your degree of maturity relative to relevant standards and benchmarks and, more importantly, to your needs.

Knowing where an organization is in term of its risk management ability is a critical first step to improving your program on a going-forward basis. Baldwin Global’s ERM MaturityAssessorTM is a tool that provides a game plan for risk management program development and enhancement. It speeds up the delivery of a solid ERM framework and process and strengthens objectivity, priorities, and resource allocation. It evaluates your organization’s needs, current enterprise risk management program, and where you should be going. You gain a clear understanding of [our ERM program status and gaps, including from a governance, compliance, and risk culture point of view. Our ERM MaturityAssessorTM will also help you gain immediate quick wins and traction within your organization. 

ERM MaturityAssessorTM provides insights into these key questions:

  • Is my organization’s approach to risk management adequate?
  • How does it compare to our industry and how to benchmark ourselves?
  • Is our ERM approach in line with best practice and standards?
  • Where is the best place to invest and start improving our ERM program? 


Benefits of doing an ERM maturity assessment:

  • Builds consensus as to where we are with ERM
  • Establishes milestones, metrics, and success criteria
  • Leverages best practices
  • Clearly communicates ERM status to stakeholders
  • Helps avoid inefficiencies and duplication of efforts
  • Highlights inadequately addressed ERM steps
  • Connects support functions with process owners
  • Demonstrates ERM value and priorities
  • Creates a shared language, structure, and vision. 


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