ERM roll out is supported by Baldwin Gobal’s innovative ERM KICKstartTM implementation process. Every ERM KICKstartTM module is an essential and critical component of an ERM program. Each module contains value-driven tools, methodologies, and step-by-step guidance. They provide clients with the blueprint for building an effective ERM program. Baldwin Gobal finds that a segmented and interactive approach offers greater flexibility and practicality when rolling out and integrating an ERM program. It allows clients to scale their efforts to their available resources and goals. The Baldwin Gobal ERM system empowers you to take advantage of opportunities while managing losses and successfully achieving company goals. In addition, by systematically delivering ERM value, clients build vital credibility with stakeholders and deeper engagement throughout the organization.

Baldwin Gobal’s ERM KICKstartTM is available as part of our Group Learning education services. It is offered as seminar series designed around its key modules and upon completion of the series, participants have all the necessary tools and knowledge to roll out their own ERM program within their organization.  The seminars offer interactive exercises and hands-on application workshops so that participants may get immediate experience and gain traction in their efforts when going back to their organizations.

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